Weekend Warrior Traveling Trailer 3M Wrap for Ontario Pool Tile

When we started working with Ontario Pool Tile the first vehicle we did we used 3M wrap, the vehicle it was placed on was a 2013 Dodge Ram with a stake bed. After we finished their wrap, not only were they happy about our outstanding final quote but also the design we came up for them. When they came back to get there Weekend Warrior Traveling Trailer to get wrapped we came up with a new design to match the truck, so they brought in some product that they wanted to be seen on there trailer, so our in-house photographer/videographer Daniel took some photos and we were able to cut out and use the images to make the final touch on the design.

So when finalized the graphic for the Weekend Warrior Traveling Trailer we printed out the design using 3M Vinyl and our two In-house professional Soljet pro4 XR-640 printers.

Here is a video and a couple of photos with the Weekend Warrior Traveling Trailer with the 3M Vinyl Wrap.