Wrap Masters Inc offers a number of professional wrapped installations that differentiate by price and prep work. We offer wrapped services for cars, trucks, small personal vehicles, vans, and box truck trailers. Put our industry expertise of the art of the installation of the Vehicle Wrap on cars vans trucks box trucks trailers to work for your visual marketing projects. We offer three levels of value - Economy wraps, premium wraps, and signature wraps. 

Economy Wrapped Service - Highly affordable, professional installation with basic prep work that removes mirrors and emblems before wrapping. Seams are present, but not highly noticeable. The results are beautiful and wraps are fit to each type of vehicle on which we work. 

Premium Wrapped Service - Affordable and a great value with professional installation with fewer seams. This level or vehicle wrap includes a more detailed vehicle prep and offers a beautiful finish that is perfect for most applications. 

Signature Wrapped Service - Finely detailed professional wrapped installation that is full of value, precision and detail. At this level, our professionals remove door handles, emblems, grill, mirrors, and lights, and antenna for all vehicles and for trucks we remove the tailgate, truck beds, and fender flares. The result is a beautiful finish that is free of visible seams. An extra option involves wrapping the door jams. This level of professional wrapped installation is ideal for show cars, personal vehicles, and trucks where close inspection occurs. 

Professional Wrapped Installation for Cars

We work with all vehicle manufacturers and have templates that fit most cars, even brand new vehicles. We can screen print graphics and text onto templates that fit your car like a glove. No awkward alignments. No loss of image due to vehicle features. Each printed wrap is created to fit your exact model, including optional add-ons. This is an exact print, not a one size fits all type of service. If you have 1982 Camaro, we've got a template for that car. If you have a 2018 F-350, we have a template that fits this truck. In fact, there are few vehicles that we cannot wrap. We offer professional wrapped installation on antiques, classics, and those fresh off the showroom floor.  

We are industry professionals. Because we disassemble portions of your vehicle to create a professional image, we employ only professionals that can put trim and other objects back to factory specifications.  In short, we put your car, truck or trailer back to factory specs including aftermarket add-ons. The end result of every project is our company image. We provide outstanding visual services in a highly competitive market and we win because we:

  • Treat every customer like they are family
  • Have professional-grade expectations for every job.
  • Offer years worth of Vehicle Wrapping Experience 
  • Offer Above Average visual marketing products
  • Offer affordable products and services so your business can grow. 

Prep Work for Professional Wrapped Results

They say that the devil is in the details and when it comes to wrapping vehicles that is very true. The more involved the prep work the higher the grade the result is. We offer a tiered set of preparation services. 

Economy Wraps - Expect quality wraps and visuals even at the economy level. At the economy wrap level, the prep work is sufficient to produce a professional result. The wrap is properly aligned and letters, words, and graphics match up exactly. There are seams that are visible but not completely obvious. This level is great for small businesses and seasonal marketing. 

Economy Wrapping Prep: At this level of vehicle wrapping, we remove the mirrors and emblems and fit the wrap around other fixtures. You will see seams where the wrap meets fixtures such as door chrome or where the hood and grille meet. These are necessary but not 100 percent obvious. The economy wrap offers the greatest value and produces professional results that can be a game changer for smaller companies or medium-sized companies with a large fleet. 

Premium Wrapped Vehicle Services - Our Premium Wrapped Vehicle Services offers finer details and more exact results. The biggest difference here is in the deeper level of preparation that goes into each vehicle wrap. We start by removing all of the mirrors,  emblems and the door handles. Doing so allows us to wrap under these objects without having a seam around them. In the economy wrap, we do not remove door handles and there is a seam along the edge where the surface of the door handle meets the metal of the body. That seam is not highly noticeable, but it is there. On our Premium Wrapped Vehicle Service, the wrap goes under the door handle so there is no seam. There are many little differences at this level that help to produce a nearly seam-free result. 

This level of service is perfect for personal vehicles, small fleets, and small business vehicles. This is an outstanding value for street rods, non-show classic cars, and vehicles that you want to show off your style while still driving them every day, and off-road performance vehicles. This is a perfect level of detail for rock crawlers, side-by-side's, off-road rally cars, race cars, etc. 

Our Premium Wrapped Service are just right for daily performance vehicles and non-judged show cars, such as your classic or daily driver.

Signature Wrapped Services - This is our top of the line vehicle wrap service. There is a great deal of prep work that goes into the vehicle before the wrap is applied. The vehicle is basically stripped of all accessories from the lights and emblems to the grill, mirrors, and antenna. On trucks, we even remove the tailgate and fender flares. The result is a seamless wrap with an amazingly smooth and accurate finish. All parts are replaced to factory specs. This is a level of wraps for specialty cars, such as show cars, collector vehicles, and cars that receive close and personal inspections, such as at car shows. It is also a level of service that is perfect for your daily driver or sponsored vehicle. Our signature Wrapped Services are perfect for industry vehicles that are highly visible.  

We use 3M and general formulations for wrapping material because we value their performance over time. The products we use must stand up to daily driving and still look good over time. 

For more information about our installation of the vehicle wrap on cars vans trucks box trucks trailers just reach out to our professional team. We are happy to answer your questions or provide you with a general quote.