Wrap Masters Inc.  has all of the tools to take your marketing and visual marketing to a higher level. How can visual marketing help your company? It helps companies of all sizes from startups to giant corporations gain a local presence, build trust, and enforces traditional marketing - both online marketing and print marketing. 

Screen Printing enhances your visual marketing. At Wrap Masters Inc. we provide specialized and personal screen printing services for companies of all sizes and for individuals. Branding is everything and when people recognize your brand, they begin to establish trust. Screen printed products help businesses in many ways and one of those ways is to improve the personalized service that you offer your customers. A good example of this is a simple thank you sticker that you place on an invoice or envelope. Another is the simple way that a beautiful banner can add direction or enhance your presence at events like trade shows. 

Small Businesses - Looking to build trust and recognition? Do so with screen printed uniforms that enhance your professional appearance or via printed marketing material that helps customers remember your name. Enhance your product line with wearable art that is specific to the local market or to a special event. 

Corporations - Create beautiful marketing from brochures to screen printed t-shirts that help drive your branding and marketing where it is most impactful. Design customized vehicle wraps and bumper stickers that enhance your local presence or announce special events, services, and products, such as sales, discounts, and new offerings. 

Schools - Raise money with screen printed t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other wearables or promote enrollment and events with beautiful banners that go beyond school colors and that create a target marketing impact. 

Groups and Clubs - Draw attention to what you do and what you offer with screen printed t-shirts, banners, and other marketing materials that help draw in new members, announce events, and market your product or service to your local area. 

Startups - Nothing benefits a startup company more than developing a market presence. Screen printing is an affordable way to make a big splash and create a grand entrance into a market. Promote hiring events with banners that represent your company to a tee. Enhance your customer service with products that scream "We Care About You." You can also use screen printed t-shirts to target market within your service and selling areas simply by designing a few prints that address your buyer persona for each of your demographics. These are easy ways to reach new customers and to immerse your company in its local market. 

Individuals - We work with individuals who want to express their unique styles and art. Our products range from total and partial vehicle wraps to wearables such as t-shirts, hats, and sweatshirts. 

Special Events - Up the festivities at special events such as tournaments or family reunions by developing custom wearables with artwork that matches the venue. A good example might be to design classic car t-shirts for a rally run or car show or championship t-shirts for a big sporting event. Whatever is on your calendar, American Wrapped Company can product quality, affordable screen printed wearables and marketing material to enhance and promote your events. 

What sets American Wrapped Company apart is our willingness to work with each customer to determine your unique marketing and printing needs. That process allows us to help you develop quality screen printing and marketing materials that better fit your marketing initiatives. How can American Wrapped Company Help you?

Screen Printed T-shirts and Products

T-Shirts - These are small mobile marketing billboards that move your brand and marketing message throughout your local market. They are easy to change to match each of your buyer personas and affordable in pricing so that you can create multiple layers of marketing throughout the year. Our screen-printed t-shirts range from tank tops to long sleeved shirts so you can cover all aspects of seasonal wear. 

Sweatshirts - A perfect example of target marketing are screen printed sweatshirts which are worn only during the coldest part of the year. What can seasonal advertising do for your business? Screen printed sweatshirts bring all of the benefits that screen printed t-shirts do and when paired together produce a year-round textile marketing platform - sweatshirts for colder times and t-shirts for cool and warmer weather. 

Tank tops - Great for the hottest times of the year and to market special events such as sporting events, group events, and family reunions. 

Long sleeve tees - A perfect venue for mid-season spring and fall marketing. Screen printed long sleeve t-shirts bridge the gap between warm weather clothing and cold weather clothing. You also gain additional printing areas such as a logo or slogan down the sleeve. These are perfect for the layered effect. 

Hats - Great as giveaways and for marketing - screen printed hats offer a perfect spotlight marketing venue both for promotions, prizes, and to complete a work uniform. 

Screen printing t-shirts and other wearable art and marketing is just the beginning of what we offer. Take your unique logo and artwork to special events or upgrade your marketing to include stickers, event banners and even customized vehicle wraps. These products fit into marketing planning and provide an array of opportunities from increasing the professional appearance of your team to finding new customers or announcing new products and services. Are you using screen printed products to enhance your marketing?

Wrap Masters Inc. has the Whole Spectrum

Our screen printing process begins with an 8-color 10-station printer that produces clear and vivid images in any color. The printing process is modern, efficient, and accurate. We make the process affordable and personable. We work with each client to enhance the unique marketing needs of their company and to help them overcome the marketing challenges they face. 

Expect quality products at affordable prices and high quality, professional customer service from every member of our team.  How can Wrap Masters Inc. help you?