For many vehicle owners and business owners, a common question is how much do wraps cost. An Economy Vehicle Wrap starts in the $2,100 range and a Signature Wrapped vehicle can top $10,000. The difference between one end of this scale and the next has mostly to do with prep work for the vehicle. Some of the added cost also includes graphic design and the more complex and original the design, the more costly it can be. In comparison, a show quality paint job on a classic car can run $10,000-$20,000. 

The Value of Vehicle Wraps. 

A billboard sign rental with a graphic for a month can run $3,000-$25,000 in advertising costs for a four week ( one month) contract. The location of those signs determines the price. For a range in costs starting at $2,100-$10,000, you can wrap a vehicle that provides mobile visual marketing for years. A company might spend $25,000 for a single month while a small business might invest $2,100 and receive a mobile billboard that lasts for years and years. That's the value of what a vehicle wrap can do for you. 

Not every vehicle that American Wrapped Company wraps is about advertising. Sometimes it is the expression of individual style. Those types of wraps are purely for personal expression and are often a Signature Series Wrap but not always. We offer many different options at all levels of our vehicle wraps so people can find exactly what they want at any price range. 

As mentioned, one of the biggest impacts on pricing is the prep work that goes into a vehicle and that is paired with the outcome and expectations for the wrap. Here is a closer look at what that means.  

Economy Wraps - There is minimal prep work done. We remove the vehicle's mirrors and emblems so that the wrap fits under these. The expectation at this level is that there will be seams where one layer of coating touches the next. This includes seams around common features such as door handles. At the Economy Level, the door jams are not wrapped, however; the graphics line up perfectly so there are no mismatched lettering, images, or colors. The American Wrapped Company Economy Service is professional grade. 

Economy Wrapped Vehicles offer an amazing amount of ROI for marketing. These vehicles are often fleet vehicles for larger companies or company cars for smaller companies and startups. The professional result of our work is beautiful and if you work with our marketing pros you can even create custom graphics at this level of wrapping. 

Premium Wraps - The middle level of wrapping at American Wrapped Company is our Premium Wrapped Vehicle Services. The amount of prep that we do at this level increases and you gain access to improved graphics. What you should expect is a wrap that has fewer seams. The seams are still visible but there are fewer of them.

Professional Prep Work - At the premium level we add to the list of preparations that we make to a vehicle. We remove the emblems and the mirrors plus we remove the door handles. The allows us to wrap under those areas without there being a seam at those junctures. Because we are disassembling parts of the vehicle we use only professionals who are experienced both in the removal of trim and in reinstalling it to factory specifications. 

This level is a great investment for visual marketing vehicles and the cost starts in the $3,000 range. You also have choices between the different types of wrapping material that we use. We recommend 3M products and we are always happy with the results from 3M. You can opt for graffiti resistant, non-printable wrap films, and Graphic films. There is also an option for reflective films which increase a vehicle's safety by being more visible, even in the daytime. 

We recommend our Premium Wrapped Service for personal vehicles, businesses with small fleets of vehicles, and non-show vehicles such as street rods, antique or classic daily driver cars, and off-road performance vehicles such as rock crawlers and side-by-side's.

Signature Wraps - How much do wraps cost? Well, at the signature level the starting range is in the $4,000 area.  This level of vehicle wraps can crest the $10,000 mark but the results are amazing. There are no visible seams at all and a vehicle that receives our Signature Series is show quality. This is our best quality wrap and it involves a lot of vehicle prep work as well as high-grade professional graphics that blend seamlessly with your marketing plan.  There is still plenty of value with this level of service. Vehicles that receive a signature wrap may not need another wrap for a full decade. The key to maintaining a beautiful wrap is the care of the vehicle after the wrap.

Signature Vehicle Prep Work - most removable trim parts are disassembled. We extend the prep work for both the Economy and Premium service tiers and then remove the lights and the grill, mirrors, and even the antenna. For pickup Trucks, we remove the tailgate and wrap that separately. For sports cars and truck with fender flares, we remove those so that the wrap is seamless. The result is a stunningly beautiful wrap with a seamless surface. 

Because we only use professionals all vehicles are reassembled to factory specifications. We recommend our Signature Series Wraps for specialty cars, faux-race cars, sponsored vehicles, show cars, collector vehicles, and cars that receive up-close and personal attention from the public or a judge in a car show. 

To help produce beautiful and longlasting vehicle wraps, we recommend 3M and general formulations products for all vehicle wraps. These products have produced great results over the life of a wrap and offer the buyer a lot of value.  These products have a proven track record of standing up to daily driving and still look good for years. 

For a vehicle specific quote or for a quote for a fleet of vehicles, just reach out to our professionals. We are happy to walk you through the pricing structure for your vehicle(s) and answer your questions about vehicle wraps and financing options.